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Since 1980 Paul Pissanos and his wife Karolina, hand-in-hand, strived to establish the OLYMPOS ASSOCIATION: UNIVERSAL INTELLECTUAL CENTER, and achieve the creation of HEPTAPOLIS, which will be the largest and most important center of Arts and Sciences worldwide.

On November 3rd 2014, Karolina, after a long struggle with the rare disease, ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), departed for the life hereafter.

Paul Pissanos was not left alone, though. The large group of the faithful of the Olympus Association stood with unwavering faith remained beside him, helping him stand “upright”, and together they continued the struggle for the realization of the vision of HEPTAPOLIS.

Today, a large number of “Combatants of the Spirit” are struggling to resolve the problems relating to the completion of this gigantic project.

Academics, Professors, Scientists of all disciplines, Businessmen, Bankers, Economists, people of Literature and the Arts, working in all fields of action, are making a reality of a project that many called simply an “incredible vision.”

“KAROLINA & PAUL PISSANOS” Foundation, in which OLYMPOS ASSOCIATION: UNIVERSAL INTELLECTUAL CENTER participates, would welcome any kind of donations and benefactions, contributed by Private Individuals and Institutions from around the world, who wish to help according to his/ its financial abilities in the realization of the project.

A large Control Mechanism of Legal and Financial Controllers has been set up for the security of the incoming financial amounts, which will be granted to the Foundation by those “faithful to the vision”.

The Foundation is controlled by a special legal and accounting mechanism that ensures the integral allocation of the grants to “HEPTAPOLIS-SA Development-Commercial HOLDING – SA” and its 24 subsidiaries, which have been set up  in order to plan and construct HEPTAPOLIS and the infrastructure projects throughout the area of the prefecture of Viotia (airport, heliport, ports, hotels, tourism and laboratory facilities, powers units, waste water recycling units e.t.c.).

The entire system of Control, Allocation, Distribution and sound Management of the donations, will be under the watchful protection of the Governing Board, the Executive and Scientific Committees, and the Finance Committees of OLYMPOS ASSOCIATION.

It is important to emphasize that all the necessary protocols for the sponsorships for the construction of HEPTAPOLIS have been foreseen and will be duly respected and valued as a “a tribute of the present generation to the future generations.”


The walls of HEPTAPOLIS are divided throughout the region into 7 equal parts and connected by seven gates.

The Central entrance of the Polis, the “Gate of Light” will be perfectly aligned with the Spring Solstice and the imaginary radius of the sun at sunrise on 22 March of each year. The radius of the sun on the Spring Solstice will penetrate the middle of the Gate of Light and will intersect the Town in two equal parts.

The Olympian Walls, throughout their length will be faced with marble slabs, called “PETRES”.

Each “PETRA” will be 70 cm long, 50 cm wide and 3 cm thick.  On each “PETRA”, in the bottom right corner , will be inscribed the name of the College or University,  the Private Individual or any other Financial or Educational entity, that will pay the sum of 250 Euros or the equivalent of this amount.

Each “PETRA” of the pillar of the “GATE OF LIGHT” of HEPTAPOLIS, in the interior or the exterior surface of the pillar, costs 1000 euros.

The “PETRES” of the pillars of the six remaining entrances of HEPTAPOLIS, internal and external, cost 500 euros each.

Each “PETRA” will bear, in the bottom left corner, a serial number so that the sponsor can find it easily when visiting HEPTAPOLIS.

The names of the Sponsors will also be listed, in alphabetical order on the “HEPTAPOLIS” website.

A Sponsor may request that his name is not inscribed on the “Petra” or the “Petres” which he has sponsored  or mentioned in the HEPTAPOLIS website. The sponsor must deposit the money in the account of: “KAROLINA AND PAUL PISSANOS SPIRITUAL AND CULTURAL FOUNDATION”.

The Sponsor’s money will remain in his own account until the date he is notified by the “OLYMPOS ASSOCIATION”, that his “PETRA”has received its serial number in the walls of HEPTAPOLIS and was placed with the information given by the Sponsor.

Upon notification, the sponsor will be required to express any possible objection within five days by e-mail to the Association, otherwise the money will be transferred automatically to the walls construction company.

Once the money is transferred, the sponsor,  whether he is  a Private Individual, a Corporation, a University or any other kind of Organization, will receive the title of the “CITIZEN OF HEPTAPOLIS” and he can permanently enjoy the privileges listed on the page: PRIVILEGES OF CITIZENS OF HEPTAPOLIS. For each “PETRA” only ONE sponsor may enjoy the “Special Benefits of Sponsors”.


Whenever you decide to become a donor, you can deposit the amount you wish in the bank Account.

Then state by E-mail at the sector of HEPTAPOLIS to which you wish your donation to be allocated.

Your donation will be acknowledged without fail, accompanied by the Foundation Letter of Thanks.


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